Moltres Day Announced: Sky Attack Moltres is coming on September 8th

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Get ready Trainers, on September 8th, Moltres will be coming into gyms everywhere for a three-hour period, as long as the world participates in the Global Challenges and unlocks all the milestones.

Now while Moltres itself is not news worthy, as it was to be expected after Zapdos and Articuno came along with their shiny forms, the interesting pieces of news is that we now have a confirmed date, and most likely the usual 11 AM PDT start time on the 8th, as well as the tidbit that Moltres will be getting its Signature Move: Sky Attack.

For those that need a reminder, Sky Attack is a 80 base power two-bar charged Flying type attack that got buffed when Lugia came back into raids months back. With the buff Sky attack became a fantastic charged move, even better than it was before, and the fact that Moltres, a 251 Attack Fire and Flying beast, is getting it is actually fantastic news.

Shiny Moltres vs normal Moltres in Pokemon GO

Moltres Sky Attack vs Overheat

To give you readers a quick run-down, Sky Attack is well worth it on Moltres. Overheat and Sky Attack basically function as the same move, as the two-bar Sky attack is a halved Flying type version of Overheat. They share the same total 160 Damage, same DPS, same Cycle DPS, and same total cooldown of 4000ms.

Overheat Sky Attack
Power 160 80 (2*80=160 total)
Energy Cost 100 (1-bar) 50 (2-bar)
Weather Sunny Windy
Cooldown 4000ms 2000ms (2*2000=4000ms total)
Cycle DPS 160 DPS 160 DPS

The difference is that multi-bar charged moves almost always make for better attackers, so against Grass and Bug types that were already weak to Fire Spin / Overheat Moltres, a Fire Spin / Sky Attack Moltres will be the go-to.

To put this as simply as possible, Sky Attack is a great move for Moltres, it will be the bane of any Grass and Bug type Pokémon, and only in cases of Sunny weather and Fire super effectiveness does Sky Attack get beat by Overheat.

This is a special boss worth keeping, so let us knock out those challenges Trainers so we can get the glorious rubber chicken! Best of luck to everyone and may RNGesus bring you a shiny!

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