Music, Badges, and Stickers pushed for Johto Tour

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Hello Trainers! Some new updates have been pushed including some interesting Team Go Rocket Text Updates, Johto Tour Badges, Stickers, and Music, and a handful of other things!

💡 Disclaimer: You know the drill by now, everything in this article is data mined, and therefore subject to change or not even being released at all. This is particularly appropriate with this post than most like this, as there are things in this article that could very well change by the time this content is released.

Johto Tour


The music for the Johto tour has been pushed, including the Battle music, the Encounters music, and the background music.  Take a listen!


The badges have also been pushed.  Gold, Silver, and the badge for the in-person events on Sunday.

+RESOURCE ID: badge_gotour_2022_live_a_global
+TEXT: Monterrey, Mexico, February 27, 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_gotour_2022_live_a_global_title
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Tour: Live – Step into Kanto

+RESOURCE ID: badge_gotour_2022_live_a_test
+TEXT: Monterrey Test, February 27, 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_gotour_2022_live_a_test_title
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Tour: Live – Step into Kanto

+RESOURCE ID: badge_gotour_2022_live_b_global
+TEXT: Kaohsiung, Taiwan, February 27, 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_gotour_2022_live_b_global_title
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Tour: Live – Step into Kanto

+RESOURCE ID: badge_gotour_2022_live_b_test
+TEXT: Kaohsiung Test, February 27, 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_gotour_2022_live_b_test_title
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Tour: Live – Step into Kanto

Texts for said badges.


Stickers for the Johto Tour have been pushed, it’s Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Pikachu!!  Wait…

You decide!

+RESOURCE ID: gotour2022_choose_gold
+TEXT: Choose Gold

+RESOURCE ID: gotour2022_choose_silver
+TEXT: Choose Silver

+RESOURCE ID: gotour2022_choose_version_title_gold
+TEXT: Do you want to choose Gold Version?

+RESOURCE ID: gotour2022_choose_version_title_silver
+TEXT: Do you want to choose Silver Version?

+RESOURCE ID: gotour2022_gold
+TEXT: GO Tour Johto: Gold Version

+RESOURCE ID: gotour2022_silver
+TEXT: GO Tour Johto: Silver Version

The texts for your choice, Gold or Silver.  Don’t know which to choose?  We got you with a handy guide by our very own Zeroghan!

Team Go Rocket

Arlo Update

RESOURCE ID: arlo_challenge#1
TEXT: Let’s make this quick. I’m busy.

RESOURCE ID: arlo_defeat#1
TEXT: Tch... Just wait until you and Candela see what I have in store next...

RESOURCE ID: arlo_greeting#1
TEXT: You again? Please.

RESOURCE ID: arlo_victory#1
TEXT: You could never hope to overcome my power. And soon, I’ll be even more powerful...

You good Arlo?

Grunt Update

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#10__female_speaker
Removed TEXT: Not that Team GO Rocket is up to anything, of course.
Added TEXT: We’re getting more powerful every day!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_defeat#10__female_speaker
Removed TEXT: I thought that would take longer...
Added TEXT: Rrgh... Arlo will show you what’s what...

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_greeting#10__female_speaker
Removed TEXT: Hey! Over here!
Added TEXT: You’ll never stop Team GO Rocket!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_victory#1__female_speaker
Removed TEXT: Ooo, are those tears I see? Haha, nice!
Added TEXT: Hah! If you can’t even beat me, you don’t stand a chance against Arlo.

The Grunt texts have all gone from talking about distractions to pumping up Arlo… He’s up to something for sure!

Move Updates

Magical Leaf was buffed, and + and ++ moves for Sacred Fire and Aeroblast were added.

Hoppip Community Day

RESOURCE ID: bonus_xl_candy_skiploom
Removed TEXT: Increased chance to get Hoppip Candy XL from catching Skiploom
Added TEXT: Increased Hoppip Candy XL from catching Skiploom

The text for XL candy was updated to confirm its increased XL candy, not an increased chance at XL candy.

TM Quest Text updates

RESOURCE ID: quest_use_standard_charged_tm
-TEXT: Use a standard Charged TM
+TEXT: Use a Charged TM

RESOURCE ID: quest_use_standard_fast_tm
-TEXT: Use a standard Fast TM
+TEXT: Use a Fast TM

They updated the text for the use a TM quests, removing the word “Standard”

Parting Words

I don’t often do this on a data mine article, but Arlo’s up to something…

A recent promotional image for the Johto tour featured a Shadow Ho-Oh, and the Arlo and Team Go Rocket grunts hinting at them working on something big it’s not a stretch to say that we’ll see the introduction of the + and ++ moves introduced along with Shadow Ho-Oh and Shadow Lugia. Is Giovanni going to be back, or will Arlo be the one using the using them?  I for one can’t wait to see how the moves work, and how they are introduced.

What do you think?  Are you going to participate in the Johto tour? Which version are you thinking of getting?  Let us know in the comments!

Stay safe out there trainers.

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