A new core Pokémon RPG is being developed for Nintendo Switch by GameFreak

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During the Nintendo Spotlight at E3 today, The Pokémon Company has revealed that a new Pokémon main series game is under development for the Nintendo Switch.

It’s not yet clear when the game is to be released, but TPC’s President Tsunekazu Ishihara shared that the game “may not release for more than a year”.

This news comes as complete surprise following the recent Pokémon Direct held by Nintendo, where two new main series games were announced for Nintendo 3DS. It’s hard to argue with getting more content, especially after Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon received lackluster reception from the fans.

The announcement has since been confirmed by the official @Pokémon account on Twitter:

This announcement was interpreted in two ways by the audience and media outlets:

  • either Game Freak did not expect the Ultra Sun/Moon outrage or
  • Game Freak very well knew that the outrage will come and went ahead to announce a new title on E3

Up to this point, it’s not known what the game will be called, what Switch functionalities it will use or how big it is going to be.

In any case, we’ll be covering both Ultra Sun/Moon and the upcoming Switch title on the Hub, with our regular Pokémon GO coverage. Life is too short to skip on any Pokémon GO, ain’t that right Magikarp Jump?

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