New Fully Evolved Generation 3 Pokemon Spawning in the Wild


Trainers are reporting that new Generation 3 evolved Pokemon forms are spawning in the wild! Roughly 12 hours ago, nest have migrated abruptly, causing confusion and spurring a flurry of reports claiming that previously unavailable Gen 3 Pokemon are now available in the wild.

Most Pokemon from Generation 1 and Generation 2 have been able to spawn in the wild for a while now, but they are now joined by select Generation 3 Pokemon. We’re not sure if all fully evolved Generation 3 Pokemon are spawning in the wild, but the ones listed below are confirmed.

These Generation 3 Pokemon were always available from raids and from evolving their base forms, but it looks like they are now appearing in the wild as well. The list, collected by p337 on reddit, is as follows:

We’re still collecting information on this phenomena. If you find a new spawn, be sure to share it in the comments below. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of the overworld map and a screenshot of your journal after catching the Pokemon.

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