do not panic if you encounter a green screen after completing a raid battle — it’s happening everywhere. The bug happens on entering the capture challenge scenario and does not prevent you from catching the boss, but you need to restart the app before.

Several users reported being unable to see the real boss CP after restarting the app. Apparently, after the bug occurs, all Trainers that participated in the battle see the same (wrong) CP on the encounter screen. Even though everyone sees the same CP after rejoining, the real CP was already set and if you catch it, it will be different for most people.

Of course, there is a workaround for this: After defeating raid boss, pay attention to when the raid boss CP stops dropping. This is the true CP of your encounter!

In order to prevent Raid Pass loss, do not join a raid if the timer is under 5 minutes – you simply won’t have the time to restart and engage the capture challenge.

Ryan C. posted the following picture of the bug appearing on 8 devices that participated in the same raid in 2  Irvine/Tustin OC raid channels:

Photo by Ryan C. / HyperStryke

We went out and tested the bug with 1 and multiple players in a battle and it was stably reproducible almost every time. The cause seems to be server side, so there isn’t much to do but to sit and wait.