New icons and sounds coming in Pokemon GO 0.131.1 update

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Yesterday we published our in-depth APK analysis of the latest Pokemon GO update, aptly titled “The Big One”: 0.131.1 PVP APK Mine: The Big One. The 0.131.1 update contains code required for the upcoming Trainer Battles feature, but it also contains various sounds and icons that shed some additional light on the future of Pokemon GO.

Rather than rehashing the results of our data mine, we decided to publish an additional post highlighting key new assets that were discovered in the APK. Let’s check them out together.

New loading screen

A new loading screen has appeared at last! The new loading screen features Electivire fighting Lucario in an all out Trainer Battle. Here’s a raw version extracted from the APK:

New icons and textures

Two important icons were added, called Battle button and Protect Shield icon. Battle button is presumably what we will have to click to engage into PvP, while Protect shield is self explanatory.

Additionally, Team Leader battle assets have also appeared! Spark, Candela and Blanche now have new profile icons and themed backgrounds.




New music, sounds and move sounds

Trainer Battles are bringing additional sounds and background music tracks, as expected. However, we did not expect to find sound effects for a handful of unreleased new moves! Here we go…

The sound effects added soun almost exactly like the sound effects for main series buff and debuff sound effects, such as when your Squirtle uses Tail Whip and the opponent loses Defense. Here are the Pokemon GO versions:

Of course though, you can make that determination for yourself here (for comparison some old school GBA Emerald Version rips are included, courtesy of

As mentioned above, these new moves have proper sound effects now:

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