A new Poké Egg ordering theory was discovered, still pending verification

Pokemon GO Egg Hatch Speed Increased
Pokemon GO Egg Hatch Speed Increased


we all know how difficult it can be to understand where and when a Poké Egg was picked up. According to a member of TheSilphRoad community, we are finally one step closer to discovering the truth behind Egg ordering in the Egg tab.

Apparently, Poké Eggs are sorted in regards to the vicinity of the Poké Stop they were picked up. In other words, Eggs picked up at a Poké Stop named “Fame or Shame” will be sorted to top when you are close to that Poké Stop.

The original post states the following:

I’ve been paying attention to locations where I picked up some of my eggs ( I have 2-3 spots where I go, so it wasn’t that hard). Then, based on my rarer ones (2 and 10) I noticed a pattern. Eggs would get arranged based on my distance to the location where I picked them up. When I get close to one location that I visit, the 10K I picked up there would float to the top of my list, and when I’d get back home, my 2k that I picked at the other location closer to home would take its place. I’ll need more testing, obviously, but was wondering if anyone else noticed something similar to this.

We must admit we were initially quite suspicious about this, but a quick field test showed similar results. Like most Trainers, we were unable to verify it with 100% of confidence, but the Eggs did shuffle when moving between two clusters of Poké Stops. The clusters are around 8 miles apart and we recall collecting Eggs from both clusters recently.

Further information and call for research

A number of players voiced their disbelief that Niantic would implement something like this, mentioning calculation costs and more development problems. However, this was swiftly dismissed by an Android developer who proved that the calculation is taking place locally (if the theory is correct):

Hi, Developer here!

Sorting up to nine points (eggs) based on the trainer location and the Pokemon stop locations (where each egg was picked up from) takes an insignificant amount of time.

It’s just (up to 9) length computations and then sorting said lengths (again, up to 9 values) in decreasing/increasing order.

This is something that any pokemon-go compatible device can do in a split of a second 🙂

No need for Niantic to pay any computing cost as it can be done locally in your device.


To add more credibility:

I’m using this exact algorithm to sort subway stations based on the user location on my Subway/Underground/Metro apps (for big cities such Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur among others), where the numbers of points are bigger (100+): you won’t even notice that there’s any computation going on 😉


I’m not saying that OP is right (I find the theory plausible), I just wanted to point out that the egg sorting computation is not an issue, at all.

We are issuing a public call for testing. Check your Poké Eggs, walk a few Poké Stops and post your results on our fan page or on the Silph Road subreddit!

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