A new raid of EX Raid invites sent out: January 24th

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a new wave of EX Raid invites was just sent out, targeting an upcoming raid on January 24th! Congratulations if you were one of the selected ones, especially if you successfully triggered an EX Raid for the first time.

For those who haven’t gotten one, it’s OK, life is not always fair — we didn’t get one either, despite raiding intensively during the past few days. Before you continue reading, remember to leave the salt out of the comment section.

We are also happy to confirm that the method we outlined in our comprehensive guide on how to trigger EX Raids works as intended and as reported back by our readers. Here are their results, if you used our “ex-triggering” method share your results with us:

To remind everyone, the method involves around a few solid steps:

  1. Raid only and exclusively gyms that are located in areas tagged as park on OSM
  2. Always try to raid as a group and don’t shy away from difficult raids
  3. More difficulty + more players = more activity
  4. Be aware of gyms and their S2 placement — after you’re done with one cell, move over to another cell
  5. Raid often and with a lot of players

Just for quick reference we’re sharing the table of Mewtwo counters for anyone who was lucky enough to get it (we’ll soon add Gen III counters also):

Legendary Counters
Tyranitar Bite dark Crunch dark Stone Edge rock
Mewtwo Confusion psychic Shadow Ball ghost
Houndoom Snarl dark Foul Play dark
Scizor Fury Cutter bug X-Scissor bug
Gyarados Bite dark Crunch dark Hydro Pump water
Pinsir Fury Cutter bug X-Scissor bug
Gengar Shadow Claw ghost Shadow Ball ghost
Weakness dark bug ghost

And to end this already too long post, we want to especially congratulate to the Croatian players in our local area — these guys raid a lot, play a lot and we’re super happy to see their efforts were worth it! Also, thank you Josip Hatze for giving us an EX Raid in addition to all the amazing music you composed in the past (Joseph Hatze (1879–1959) was one of the first and most prominent Croatian composers in the Mediterranean style in the first half of last century.)

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