New wave of EX Raid invites sent out, targeting an EX Raid on March 9 and 10 2018

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a surprise wave of EX Raid invitations has just been sent out, for an EX raid taking place on March 9 and 10, 2018. According to early reports, this wave is using Level 13 S2 cells!

As this is the first wave after Niantic’s recent acknowledgement that the invitation system should work differently now, we urge all of our readers to take part in our EX Raid survey and share it afterwards, especially to players who did not get an invitation.

Reach out to friends, local groups, your cousins, even to that guy you haven’t seen since high school but you know he still plays PoGO: we need substantial amount of data to figure out what Niantic has changed.

Here’s a screenshot of the new raid invitation:

Niantic has previously acknowledged that distribution mechanism used in the last wave of EX Raid invites (Feb 21 invitation date) was incorrect and that it executed an older version of the distribution code base:

“Trainers, the most recent EX Raid Battle invitations were not as wide-reaching as we had hoped. We discovered an error that executed an older version of code, which did not include the fixes we’d previously introduced. We’re sorry for the confusion, and we will make sure that the next round of EX Raid Battles appropriately executes the improved code.” – source Pokemon GO Facebook

This is an unique opportunity for us to study the differences in the data set and draw some conclusions. Let’s work together to figure out what has changed!

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