News roundup: 2 Billion global catches reached, Tottori Sand Safari Zone started

Pokémon GO Tattori Sand Dunes Safari Zone
Pokémon GO Tattori Sand Dunes Safari Zone

17 minutes ago, we were woken up by this wonderful and surprising Pokémon GO app’s tweet, showing that the global catch counter has reached 2,006,581,156 catches:

Trainers worldwide have reached the 2B catches mark, making the Global Catch Challenge a bit more feasible and possible! This is a major cornerstone for the overall competition and an important reminder to keep on farming. There is still 1B catches that need to be made in order to complete the global challenge!

Tottori Sand Dunes Safari Zone starts!

The  latest Safari Zone event has started, taking place at the Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan, from November 24th to 26th. The event features increased spawn of several GROUND and WATER species and the appearance of Mr.Mime and Unown.

The Unown letter combination for this event has been shared: S A K Y U. All of these letters were already previously released on various Pokémon GO events. Check our Unown: letters released on Pokémon GO events so far guide for more details.

We are expecting something special to happen in Tottori on November 26th, as the Global Catch Challenge ends with a special celebration here. The following image was shared by Pokémon GO JP:

In addition, our friends at GameWith, a japanese mobile gaming website, have assembled a short list of Pokémon with increased spawns during this event:

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