News roundup: OSM vandalism in Spain, the Hub servers updated and world first Aggron duo raid

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It’s Monday and it’s just a few hours before the second predicted EX invite raid is about to happen. To break the anticipation we’re rounding up the latest and greatest news from this week.

#1 OSM Vandalism in Spain

Unfortunately, it seems that some trainers were a bit overly enthusiastic with their OpenStreetMap edits. As reported by our Spanish community, a group of vandals has abused their editing powers to create the following virtual art installation near Carrer de Casteràs, Barcelona:

OSM Vandalism in Barcelona

Despite it’s offensive content, this act of “virtual vandalism” attracted a number of players to take pictures with the world’s first Pokémon GO in-game graffitti. The text was already removed from the OpenStreetMap data set, but it will remain in-game visible until Niantic imports a fresh new set of OSM overworld data.

Curiously, the issue attracted several OSM editors and mappers to respond:

“From Open Street Map Spain and OSM Catalonia we inform you that this error deliberately caused in the Carrer de Casteràs was detected and corrected days ago, and that deliberate false editions are not allowed in Open Street Map.” – source

Dear reader, remember that OpenStreetMap is a free and open source system that’s used by millions of people every day. You may think that acts of “map vandalism” are funny, but be aware that drawing additional streets on a publicly available map can lead to unforeseen consequences: navigation failures, car crashes and injuries.

#2 Hub’s servers upgraded with new hardware

The entirety of Hub’s server infrastructure was upgraded this morning, doubling the performance and concurrent user capacity on the following sites:

We’re very excited to see how this new infrastructure will keep up with the growth we’ve experienced in the recent months. If you experienced periods of outage in your region, this is the reason for it.

#3 Aggron raid successfully completed by only two trainers

Two trainers from Michigan, a husband and wife duo named TwoForTea and TimLeeTum managed to achieve an almost impossible feat and defeat Aggron with only two people:

With a full lineup of Machamps, Cloudy weather and some luck, the Duo managed to accomplish a perfect raid and defeat Aggron with 0 remaining seconds on the timer. Our Aggron guide will help you defeat this Raid boss in style.

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