Pokémon GO Legendary Raid Boss List
Pokémon GO Legendary Raid Boss List

Niantic Labs is working on gathering information about improving the Pokémon GO Raiding experience. After almost five years of Raiding, Niantic is asking Trainers to help them improve this ancient Pokémon GO feature.

Niantic has partnered with RIT Geo Games and Media Research Lab, an interdisciplinary research lab sponsored by Niantic. RIT’s special research lab is known for their research related to geo games and media.

We strongly encourage our readers to participate in this data gathering effort. The following letter of invitation was shared to /r/pokemongo this morning:


Pokemon GO raiding experience interviewee recruitment

Hello, players of r/PokemonGo!

We’re researchers from the Niantic x RIT Geo Games and Media Research Lab research team. We work together with Niantic to research how to improve the user experiences of Pokémon GO players.

We’re looking to interview Pokémon GO players about how they feel about raiding experiences and how raiding influences their Pokémon GO gameplay and lifestyle.

Interviews will be conducted through Zoom and recorded. Your interviews will be anonymous and no personally identifiable information will be relayed in any content produced from this study.

As a thank you for participating in our study we will offer gift codes to participants! A code will net you: 3 Super incubators, 8 Incense, and 8 Lucky Eggs.

For questions or more information please refer to this document, email Jiangnan at [email protected].edu, or respond to this thread.

If you wish to apply to the study you can do so at this link https://calendly.com/jiangnanxu/60min.

We sincerely appreciate your help and support!

Thank you,