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Niantic adds new Movesets and reduces Dodge effectiveness

Niantic adds new Movesets and reduces Dodge effectiveness
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The following changes have been made based on analysis of the latest GAME_MASTER file.

Pokemon GO Dodge Nerf

It looks like dodging has been significantly nerfed. If our speculation is correct, this means that you will take at least 25% damage even if you fully dodge a move. A welcome change for the gym defenders, but not so pleasant for gym attackers. Check our Pokemon GO Attack ranking chart for best gym attackers.

“dodgeDamageReductionPercent”: 0.75

Confirms dodge reduction is 75%.

Move Changes

Niantic has once again updated the movesets of various Pokemon. Checkout the list below to see what has changed. Don’t be surprised if you evolve and get a moveset that was not mentioned on the Internet before.

Note: Move changes have yet to update for everyone. We are unsure when or if the following changes will happen.

What does this mean?
  • Muk is offensively better.
  • Golem becomes a better defender, but a worse attacker.
  • Chansey’s defense improved, but still not a viable defender.
  • Gengar improves with Sludge bomb, but he is still weak.
  • Gyarados only has one quick move? Loses dragon breath, severely hurting the Dragonite matchup.
  • Porygon’s defense improved, but still not a viable defender.
  • Seel gets a huge nerf.
Pokemon OLD Move NEW Move
Chansey Psybeam Hyper Beam
Diglett Mud Shot Mud Slap
Dugtrio Mud Shot Mud Slap
Gengar Sludge Wave Sludge Bomb
Golem Mud Shot Mud Slap
Graveler Mud Shot Mud Slap
Grimer Acid Poison Jab
Gyarados Dragon Breath Removed
Hitmonlee Stomp Brick Break
Jigglypuff Play Rough Dazzling Gleam
Koffing Acid *Removed
Mew Hurricane Blizzard
*Moonblast Removed
Muk Acid Lick
Porygon Quick Attack Zen Headbutt
Seel Water Gun Lick
Starmie Quick Attack Tackle
Staryu Quick Attack Tackle
Weezing Acid *Removed