This is an e-mail we’ve received a few hours ago by one of our readers:

Hey GoHub Team,

seems like Ninatic has removed the Ex Raid invitations at 25.12. for some shopping malls. I can say for sure, the invite for Centro Oberhausen in Germany was removed today. Mine is gone and the invitation for some other I’ve seen today is also gone.

We didn’t got any information from Niantic so far, maybe this is worth of a news?

We can confirm that the following is happening: if you got an EX Invite for a raid scheduled on 25/12 and if that raid is happening in a venue that’s closed for Christmas, your EX Raid invite will be canceled.

Curiously, we’ve Tweeted out asking our Twitter community for any additional reports. So far, only a handful of readers tweeted back with confirmation, which could indicate that the cancellations will only be applied for shopping malls where the gym can’t be reached from the outside of the building. But we could be wrong, it’s too early.

As per recent developer notes, player should be compensated with Stardust and Premium Raid passes, which seems to be happening correctly.