Premier Ball Pokemon GO
Premier Ball Pokemon GO

Niantic has officially acknowledged the existence of the “last Premier Ball Bug”, which resulted in consistent capture failures while using the last remaining Premier Ball.

As we’ve reported earlier, the reports were indicating that it’s almost impossible to catch a Raid Boss with the last Premier Ball — at least for the Trainers affected. The official “Known Issues” support page says the following:

Last Premier Ball fails to capture the Raid Boss
We are actively working to resolve an issue where the Raid Boss always breaks free from the last Premier Ball available. To counteract the effects of this issue, Pokémon GO will temporarily grant an extra Premier Ball in the Bonus Challenge.

As written, Raids now reward one extra Premier Ball to compensate for this issue.


Twitter confirmation

One more thing

We’ve received a lot of complaints on Twitter from readers claiming that the bug doesn’t exist. That is simply not true — the bug exists, it is now confirmed by Niantic and it’s reproducible. Unfortunately, it’s not affecting everyone, which lead to conflicting reports.

We urge our readers to stay constructive and civilised in their comments and tweet replies — if the issue is not affecting you, or you haven’t noticed it, that does not mean it does not exist.

The GO Hub’s public channels are a place for civilised discussion and information sharing — keep it clean, accurate and friendly. Otherwise Antonio will make you do push-ups.