A week after we data mined the Daily Quests feature, Niantic confirms it’s coming! There is no ETA on the feature, but it all of the rewards and quest types are now known. You can use our Daily Quest page to get the summary.

Pokemon GO Daily Quest Rewards

You can read the official announcement here, but the gist of it is the following:

  • First Daily Catch => 500 XP + 600 Stardust
    • Catch a Pokemon for 7 days in a row => 2,000 XP + 2,400 Stardust
  • First PokeStop a day => 500 XP + A number of additional items
    • Visit a PokeStop for 7 days in a row => 2,000 XP + A greater number of additional items

The announcement also shed some light on the reset timers for Daily Quests. It seems that they reset every day at 12:00 AM local time.

It’s incredible to see how a data mining report can push Niantic to talk publicly about upcoming features. We will be watching closely the upcoming game updates to dig some more info.

Stay tuned and here are some official pictures:

First Catch of the Day

First PokeStop of the day