The official Pokémon GO Japan Twitter account announced this morning that a Lapras event has started in Tohoku region! During the event, Lapras will appear more than usual on the coastlines of Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture, together known as the Tohoku Region.

These were the areas affected by the tsunami in 2011. The post encourages people to take a trip to enjoy the Tohoku region and catch lots of Lapras! The event runs until November 23rd.

The official tweet is in Japanese, but we tried our best to translate it to English:

“Notice to you. Been found on the coast of Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Laplace and easier is the emergence. This phenomenon seems to last until 11/23. You can visit on a trip to northeastern now feel! I think I have a lot of Pokémon GO beyond Nice discoveries.”

The official tweet:

Players in Japan are already tweeting pictures and screenshots on how the event looks like. As you may see below, it seems that Japanese players will not have problems with getting their gold Ice Type medals:

Another interesting detail is that Niantic is now referring to some Pokémon GO events as “phenomena”, which is rather similar to Ingress anomalies.

There is no official word if or when this event is going to be extended worldwide. Although, given the context of these regions being struck by tsunami, don’t hold your breath.