Niantic CM Clarifies Shiny Regional Rates

No, they haven't reduced shiny rates.

Shiny Kanto Regionals
Shiny Kanto Regionals

Niantic’s Community Manager has clarified that there were no changes to the encounter rate of Shiny Regional Pokemon. As discovered by The Silph Road research team, the shiny rates are in the 1 in 31 – 51 encounters range, not 1 in 150 as some have recently claimed on Reddit.

NianticIndigo, a verified Niantic Community manager, reached out and wrote a lengthy response to a recent claim that shiny rates for Regional Pokemon were reduced amid the event:

“Hi Trainers, we wanted to comment on this directly to provide an update on this situation. To start, I can confirm that there have been no changes to the encounter rate of Shiny Regional Pokémon.

This discussion was flagged to us, and we’ve taken extensive action that I’ll detail below to rule out anything that could have either directly or indirectly impacted the rate at which Shiny Regional Pokémon can be encountered.

To that effect, we’ve conducted multiple, thorough reviews of all changes to the game made over the past 72 hours. Part of these reviews included looking back over our event rollout procedure, all changes associated with the Ultra Bonus unlock, and the implementation of fixes for recent changes that resulted in in-game errors. Additionally, we’ve reviewed gameplay records and have found that the actual encounter rate for Shiny Regional Pokémon matches our settings.

All of this investigation affirmed that there have been no changes to the rate at which Shiny Regional Pokémon appear.

We understand that Shiny Pokémon are exciting and highly sought after, but changing this metric in the middle of an event is in direct conflict with our company values and something that we would not intentionally do.

We appreciate the passionate discussion on this topic over the past few days and wish you the best of luck in your quest to catch Shiny Regional Pokémon.”