Niantic is testing a fix that stops GPS spoofing and Pokémon sniping!

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We have received a number of reports that Trainers have been experiencing random soft bans while using Lures, much like they have been cheating.

Soft ban issues started after a recent server side build went live on Niantic’s server. The build contained a fix that prevents GPS spoofers from teleporting to snipe Pokémon and Gyms.

The gist of the fix is that capturing a Pokémon now respects where you encounter it. One of the users summarised the changes:

  • lured pokemon = soft ban  – fixed now, lure freely!
  • sniping = soft ban
  • teleporting any distance = soft ban
  • they’ve done a LOT of changes
  • catching a pokemon is now treated where you encounter it
  • not where you catch it
  • that’s a massive change

The fix was reverted as a huge number of players complained that they’re getting soft bans which prevent them from playing. This fix was rolled out on Friday May 05, 2017 20:33:42 UTC and was reverted shortly after.

We’ve detected the date of the last server side build in the GAME_MASTER:

Dronpes, one of TheSilphRoad admins, also hinted that we should be hearing more soon:

Satwik9aari is not making a baseless claim here, travelers. This is worth observing and watching. We should know more soon. — source

“Sniping” is a type of spoofing. Previously, you could click any Pokemon in the world and quickly teleport home and catch the Pokemon. This would then record the area of capture as your home. This allowed people to instant catch things around the world but appear to be sitting at home.

Now, the game records where you engage instead of catch, meaning people cannot instantly teleport everywhere while appearing to sit in one location. They can still fly around a small distance without any detection so far.

Stay tuned trainers, Niantic is evidently working hard to prevent spoofing. We should be seeing more and more of anti-spoofing measures deployed in the near future.

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