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Hello Explorers, 

The details of the next Wayfarer Challenge have been announced! If you’re not aware, the country that will be “hosting” the next Niantic Wayfarer Challenge is Spain!  Spain won in a community vote between Italy, Spain, and Taiwan. Niantic has made a lot of adjustments to this challenge based on the feedback of the community and the hard work of the Wayfarer Ambassadors. Let’s dig in!

Date and Time

Challenge Date & Time 📅

Event icon May 24, 2023 at 12:00pm UTC to June 7, 2023 at 11:59pm UTC

Reward Distribution Dates 📅

Event icon June 8, 2023 to June 21, 2023

Wayspot Resolution Goals and Rewards

Reward Eligibility Requirements 

  • Level 37+ in Pokémon GO to receive the Pokémon GO rewards
  • Level 10+ in Ingress to receive the Ingress rewards
  • You must also have passed the Wayfarer quiz.
  • You must have reviewed at least 50 Wayspot nominations from Spain during the challenge dates

NOTE: Only 1 set of Rewards will be distributed, so if we reach the 10k tier only the rewards from that tier will be awarded.

Wayspot Resolution Rewards

6000 Wayspot Nominations Resolved

Pokémon GO Rewards

Poke Ball icon 50× Poke Ball Star Piece icon 1× Star Piece Incense icon 1× Incense Poffin icon 1× Poffin


Ingress Rewards

10 L8 Resonators, 10 L8 XMP, 10 L8 Ultra Strike, 10 Hypercube, 1 ITO EN (+), 1 ITO EN (-), 1 SoftBank Ultra Link

8000 Wayspot Nominations Resolved

Pokémon GO Rewards

Great Ball icon 50× Great Ball Star Piece icon 2× Star Piece Incense icon 2× Incense Poffin icon 2× Poffin Incubator icon 1× Incubator


Ingress Rewards

25 L8 Resonators, 25 L8 XMP, 25 L8 Ultra Strike, 25 Hypercube, 2 ITO EN (+), 2 ITO EN (-), 2 SoftBank Ultra Link

10000 Wayspots Nominations Resolved

Pokémon GO Rewards

Ultra Ball icon 50× Ultra Ball Star Piece icon 3× Star Piece Incense icon 3× Incense Poffin icon 3× Poffin Super Incubator icon 1× Super Incubator


Ingress Rewards

40 L8 Resonators, 40 L8 XMP, 40 L8 Ultra Strike, 40 Hypercube, 4 ITO EN (+), 4 ITO EN (-), 4 SoftBank Ultra Link

Individual Rewards

Individual Rewards will be distributed based on the number of Spain nominations specified for each tier by you, the reviewer.

NOTE: Only one set of rewards will be awarded based on how many Spain Reviews you do during the challenge review timeframe. 

100 Spain Wayspots Reviewed

  • Wayfarer: 1 Upgrade
  • Pokémon Go: 1 Incubator
  • Ingress: 1 Rare Kinetic Capsule

250 Spain Wayspots Reviewed

  • Wayfarer: 3 Upgrade
  • Pokémon Go: 1 Super Incubator
  • Ingress: 2 Rare Kinetic Capsule

500 Spain Wayspots Reviewed

  • Wayfarer: 5 Upgrade
  • Pokémon Go: 2 Super Incubators
  • Ingress: 4 Rare Kinetic Capsule

Getting Started on Wayfarer

If you are eligible but have not used Wayfarer before, you can get ready by creating a Wayfarer account linked to your Pokémon GO or Ingress profiles.

Once signed in, check out the Criteria page and then take a quick quiz to learn the basics of Niantic Wayfarer, such as reviewing and voting on nominated Wayspots.

I for one am very excited about this challenge! You can check out the discussion on the Wayfarer forums here, you can check out my podcast where Jamal and I discuss this challenge in depth!

Until next time, be safe out there Trainers!

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