although not strictly Pokémon GO related, a new Nintendo Direct is happening tomorrow, at 3:00 PM in Pacific Time zone. Nintendo Direct is a regular online live stream detailing upcoming Nintendo products and we secretly hope that this one could actually have something to do with GO.

This time, we’re getting almost 45 minutes of information, making this one of the longest Directs so far:

Tune in for nearly 45 minutes of information mainly focused on what’s headed to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS over the next few months, including new details about Super Mario Odyssey.

The official tweet from Nintendo America has a slightly shorter/different wording, but stays true to the same notion of Nintendo Switch/3DS:

We don’t expect anything ground breaking, but the sheer length of this Direct opens up a number of possibilities, especially in regards to Pokémon Sun/Moon and Pokémon GO.

Junichi Masuda, one of the oldest Pokémon producers and a member of the Game Freak board of directors, stated in October of 2016 that Pokémon Sun and Moon integration with Pokémon GO “will definitely come down the road”. 

It’s been a while now and Sun/Moon is soon to be replaced by Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, so if Nintendo decides to move forward with this, it will be happening soon. However, manage your hype responsibly as it’s quite possible this (and any other) Pokémon franchise related info will be reserved for a future Pokémon Direct.

Industry veterans, like Serebii’s Joe Merrick, are also cautiously optimistic in regards to this Direct:

In any case, make sure to tune in tomorrow at 3PM Pacific Time (easily convert to your timezone using this link) and let’s see what Nintendo’s got in store for the next few months.