OPR Activity grows
OPR Activity grows


our Ingress regular, Rdash123 (LVL 16), notified us that Operation Portal Recon stats are growing at a stunning rate. According to the official OPR stats page, the usage and submission resolution rate is growing dramatically, following the recent Ingress portal submissions reopening!

However, the numbers are still bottle necked by Niantic’s semi-manual verification/sorting process for new portal submissions.


For the uninitiated, OPR (Operation Portal Recon) is Niantic’s crowd-sourced tool to verify, approve and deny Ingress portal submissions. Pokemon GO’s world data is constructed from Ingress portals, with the data set being refreshed almost daily. This data consists of Poke Stops, Gyms, spawn points and nests. A lot of Ingress portals and clusters of XM energy become a thing in Pokemon GO.

As illustrated in the title image and below, the growth rate is pretty incredible. Be aware that there is still seven hours until today’s score resets, which means the numbers are going to be even higher:

OPR Activity grows
OPR Activity grows

Raw data:

09/20 23164 19302
09/21 21651 18674
09/22 19326 16934
09/23 14920 14840
09/24 16245 14932
09/25 25963 23846
09/26 49044 47697
09/27 55385 52813

Niantic’s community manager Andrew Krug recently clarified that the relationship is not 1:1 – not everything in Ingress becomes something in Pokemon GO. However, a significant portion of the data does get transfered.

We’ve researched the link between Ingress and Pokemon GO’s spawns, gyms and Stops in the past, again with Rdash123’s help. You can read that research paper here: Tracking Sightings Tab Pokémon using Ingress and XM points.

We’ll be monitoring the growth and reporting back if another big trend change is observed.