The first European official (Niantic sponsored) Pokemon GO event is happening right now in Paris, France, in a Unibail-Rodamco shopping mall called Les Quatre Temps.

One Reddit user attended the event and shared his photos with the GO Hub in order to make this photo report possible. ScarabeeGrillage, you are beyond awesome!

Here’s a quick summary of the event: the event did features 24 hour long Lures at the mall, new sponsored PokeStops, a Pikachu mascot for taking pictures and a few people wearing Pokemon GO shirts.

There were no event specific Pokemon, or Legendaries, or new promo codes on the event.

The general feedback we got is that these events are trials for the upcoming bigger events this summer, both in terms of organisational effort and marketing budgets. You can see the dates for other upcoming European events here.

REMINDER: Unibail-Rodamco is Niantic’s official Pokemon GO partner in Europe, featuring sponsored PokeStops and Pokemon GO promotions in Unibail-Rodamco shopping malls in selected countries. This event is one of the many planned events for this Summer.

Photos from Pokemon GO Meet & Greet in Paris (June 17 2016)

TIP: Click the pictures in order to open higher resolution versions of the pics!

Pikachu Mascot on the move
Photography area
An Instinct Trainer taking a picture with Pikachu
Parisian Trainers hanging out at the charging station
Lures up and running
The rarest event spawn

Update: Captain_Chocho shared a few more pictures on Twitter. We must admit, French people are always stylish 🙂