today we’ve got a special announcement from the Pokemon company announcing a special event that includes a new Pikachu costume! Here’s the full news that was shared:

Pikachu is ready to lead the Pokémon Day celebration in Pokémon GO. From February 26 at 1:00 p.m. PST to March 6 at 1:00 p.m. PST, any Pikachu you encounter in the wild will be wearing a festive party hat! The Pikachu you catch during that time will keep its party hat forever, so be sure to look for this special Pikachu during its short time in the wild.

The event is in line with the “Pokemon Day”, commemorating the launch of the very first Pokémon games in Japan way back in 1996. The event is not limited to Pokemon GO and includes promotions in various other Pokemon games (Pokken tournament, Sun and Moon and TCG Online) and movie promotions.
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Even though it wasn’t announced specifically, we expect two things:
  1. A special Pikachu variant, similar to Santa Claus Pikachu
  2. SPECULATION: A special sale in game event, more on that later

Number 1. is pretty straightforward, as it was announced and confirmed by the Pokemon Company.

Number 2. is speculation, but it’s no secret that Generation II was a financial flop for Niantic. Previous events were a lot better revenue streams for the company than the huge, worldwide launch of Generation II. We’d be surprised if Niantic didn’t take this opportunity to offer in game sales and bundles.

On that subject, there has been no news from Niantic. The only source for this is the official website, so it remains to be seen what kind of public announcement will Niantic make.

Overall, we’re excited to see a new costume variant of Pikachu. Make sure you track your local Pikachu nests and capitalize on that info as soon as the event starts.