Following the first wave of EX Raids featuring Deoxys Attack form, we’ve decided to see how many Trainers managed to do a solo Deoxys raid and which Pokemon they used in the process. We reached out via Twitter and Facebook, with surprising results. Deoxys is soloable beyond belief, making it the first EX Raid boss ever that can be solo raided.

In today’s POGO TV episode, we’re sharing the best video clips featuring Deoxy solo raids, recorded and submitted by our readers. If you want to be featured on the next installment of PoGO TV, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We post video requests only there, so you may wanna stay in the loop if you want to get featured. Please be aware that we can’t feature everyone, but we try to feature different Pokemon teams and strategies used.

Deoxys solo raid with Tyranitars only

ProfMozz is our first featured video showcasing the expected el clasico: 6 strong Tyranitars armed with Bite and Crunch, eating away a Dark Pulse Deoxys. Mozz’s victory is not a close call by any measure, as he’s left with hefty ~45 seconds left on the timer. Tyranitar is an incredible counter for Deoxys, but to be left with 45 seconds is a slap on the face.

Attack Deoxys solo using only Gengars

ElliotUnbound performed a crazy Deoxys speedrun solo was with nothing but almost-maxed-out Shadow Claw / Lick / Shadow Ball Gengars. Curiously, no weather boost was needed for this video but Elliot did have to dodge every charge move to keep his Gengars alive. The incredible result is a successful Deoxys solo raid victory with ~140 seconds remaining on the timer. What a wild ride!

Weavile, Mewtwos and Tyranitars against Deoxys

Another interesting video comes from JasonV1, who used one Weavile and 5 Mewtwos all over 4000 CP to perform the first part of the raid. Upon fainting, Jason switches to another team with one Mewtwo and 5 Tyranitars to complete the solo Attack Deoxys raid challengw. Jason finishes with ~83 seconds left on the timer!

Mixed team against Deoxys

AndroPunk from Mexico has completed his Deoxys solo with a team of strong, but mixed, counters. By using Houndoom, Honchkrow, Gengar, Scizor,  Gyarados and a Mewtwo in the first team and an army of Tyranitars in the second team, Andro has managed to take down Deoxys with around ~71 seconds remaining. Not bad at all!

Tyranitars with no charge move solo…?

Yes, even that is possible it seems! Firrefly, a level 40 Team Valor trainer, has managed to solo raid Deoxys without using any charged moves. His team consisted of 6 Bite Tyranitars and that’s pretty much it. And you know what? He finished it with ~27 seconds left on the timer, no sweat!