PoGO TV 📺: Tyranitar solo raids around the globe

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We’ve heard the stories, we’ve seen the sims, but there is something especially nail biting watching people try to solo a good ol’ Tyranitar raid. Youtube has you covered, with more and more clips of Tyranitar solo raids popping up every day.

Today, on the very first (and hopefully not last) episode of PoGO TV 📺, we are featuring four Trainers who managed to successfully do a Tyranitar solo raid.

If you’re thinking of trying a Tyranitar solo, the premise is quite simple actually:

  • You need 6 “maxed out” Machamps with Counter and Dynamic Punch  (3000CP+ is highly recommended),
  • You need Cloudy weather during the fight and
  • You need to do the “timer trick” to get the full 180 seconds in the fight

BenMupi versus Stone Edge Tyranitar

BenMupi was actually one of the first people in the world to post a successful Tyranitar solo raid! Equipped with 6 C/DP Machamps, this brave team Valor player just barely managed to beat the timer! Great fight and a great reaction at the end!

Smarthain versus Iron Tail / Crunch Tyranitar

Smarthain, another Team Valor trainer delivers a nail biting fight, with 8 seconds left on the timer when Tyranitar faints. Crunch is the real MVP here tho!

Kieng vs Iron Tail / Stone Edge Tyranitar

Team Instict’s Kieng is a familiar face and his team of 6 L40 100% Machamp is a solo raiders dream. Kieng’s video is rather special, as it delivers a calm, artfully narrated presentation of an almost perfect Tyrantiar solo raid. Not to mention the first-ball-excellent-throw capture that happens right after it!

Zarmilo versus Bite / Fire Blast Tyranitar

And last but not least, Team Mystic’s Zarmilo has managed to take down a Bite / Fire Blast Tyranitar with 0 seconds remaining. I’ll be honest, I thought he was not gonna make it!

KaitoNolan versus IT / Stone Edge Tyranitar

Team Instinct’s KaitoNolan has managed to pull yet another close win against a Stone Edge Tyranitar! Her team of Machamps managed to take down the Tyranitar just as the timer hit the zero!

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