Poke Genie introduces PvP IV support on iOS

Poke Genie iOS IV Calculator
Poke Genie iOS IV Calculator

Trainers on iOS, rejoice! The popular Poke Genie app has introduced a mode that rates IVs for PvP usage, rather than rating it as a general 0-100% IV score! IVs work differently in PvP (Great and Ultra league in particular), as you want to pack as much stats under the CP limit as possible.

We’ve written about this in our Trainer Battles Academy: Best IVs for PvP article, check it out for more information. Players using Android have had this functionality for a while now through CalcyIV.


Change log

Introducing PvP IV!

Did you know? High IV may not be optimal for PvP in Great & Ultra Leagues. The optimal IV for PvP is a very specific combination that maximizes battle performance below the CP limit and is different for each Pokemon. Poke Genie now rates your Pokemon’s PvP IV! Don’t transfer until you’ve checked the PvP IV! Don’t miss those hidden gems.

  • Added PvP IV rating preview to the Pokemon details page, keyboard and !Vision notifications.
  • Added PvP IV-related Name Generator blocks and Usage Condition.
  • Added PvP IV rating to scan history (* Can be enabled in “PvP IV Settings” *).
  • Added PvP IV sorting and filter options
  • Added PvP IV table section to Pokedex
  • Power Up Calculator now supports the purification of Shadow Pokemon
  • You can now switch between evolutions in the Power Up Calculator
  • Added support for gender-based evolution logic and IV-based evolution logic for Tyrogue.
  • PvP IV calculation takes into account all possible evolutions for Great & Ultra league. In addition, for Shadow Pokemon, both Shadow & Purified forms are taken into account. Info for all possibilities are listed in the PvP IV details page.
  • Bug fixes