in general, we do not approve of trackers, bots, maps and other tools that violate the in game Terms of Service. Our stance is that you should always play the game as it is, using only tools provided by the developers.

However, due to incredible number of bugs introduced in the last app update, many of which interrupt the usage and functionality of the in game tracker (Sightings tab going blank), we decided to cover PokéHuntr!


Introducing PokéHuntr, a real time working tracker

PokéHuntr is a standard Pokémon GO tracker, enabling you to scan an area of the world map in search of Pokémon. It’s fairly simple to use, however it does come with some caveats.

We didn’t like slow scans, nor did we like that it limits you to scan every 90 seconds. We did like that it caches and shows other players’ scans. In other words, if you scan with a group of friends, it gets significantly faster and better to use.

On the flip side, the results are always 100% correct and it also shows IV values of scanned Pokémon, which is neat. It doesn’t require you to login, nor does it use excessive amounts of mobile data, making it ideal for usage while your Sightings tab is broken.

FastPokeMap developer shares final words after closing down the service

For those of you who remember FastPokéMap, this is a rather similar alternative. Sure, FPM was much faster to scan, but the fundamentals are here. For those who do not remember the FPM saga, make sure you read through it here.

PokéHuntr is developed by the same guys who wrote GymHuntr, an amazing website to track state of gyms in your area and to plan your offensive. We give both tools 10/10 for their utility, 8/10 for speed and reliability and 10/10 for usage safety.

Give it a try when Sightings goes blank, the link is here: