Pokémon Cinematic Universe Possibly in the Works After Detective Pikachu


A report from IGN implies that the upcoming movie Pokémon: Detective Pikachu could start a Pokémon Cinematic Universe. This report came from Legendary Entertainment producer, Ali Mendes.

The report quotes Ali Mendes saying: “[Pokémon is] such a rich universe. There are so many ways you can go inside of it. We’re trying to get the first movie right, and then once we’ve done that, we’ll see where we go from there, but absolutely. There are a lot of opportunities. Even the Pokémon themselves, there are eight hundred of them. We’re going to have a lot of them in [Pokémon: Detective Pikachu], but we want to play with all of them at some point.

With the big success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s no secret that every other big Hollywood studios are trying to replicate Disney’s success and create a cinematic universe of their own. Because of missteps like Universal’s Classic Monster Universe or “Dark Universe,” or the early years of WB’s DC Extended Universe, these big studios have been more careful on developing their cinematic universes, and this shows from Ali Mendes’ reserved answer.

While the Pokémon franchise is a good fit for the cinematic universe approach, that alone won’t make it successful. They need to start strong, focus on the story, and not worry about expanding the universe. From what we see from the trailers, it seems like they are moving in the right direction, wherein not only do they please the general audience but sprinkle in some easter eggs for those avid Pokémon fans.

Pokémon: Red and Blue – The Possible Sequel / Spin-off?

As IGN puts it, it seems to give credence the rumor that Legendary Pictures is also developing another live-action movie based on the first two Pokémon games titled Pokémon: Red and Blue. While this will give some Anime fans a familiar taste since the first season of the anime is loosely based on the first two Pokémon games as well, like the adaptation of Detective Pikachu, this might stray away from the original story. Unlike Pokémon: Detective Pikachu which is almost totally different from the original game it was based on, the amount of difference Pokémon: Red and Blue will have compared to the original games might define how the fans will like this adaptation.

How Pokémon GO fits into this

Every marketing move Pokémon: Detective Pikachu makes will more than likely have an impact on the popularity of Pokémon GO. After all, since Pokémon GO made quite a cultural impact during its 2016 release, people who watch the trailer and have stopped playing Pokémon GO will wonder what has happened to the game since then. If you are that person reading this article, I’m happy to report Pokémon GO is now better than ever. To catch you up on what happened since its release, Pokémon GO Hub has written a Guide for Returning Pokémon GO Players (2018).

For us long-time players, having more players to raid with is definitely more fun. Plus, the release of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu on May might also include an in-game event, with possibly a new Pikachu form with the iconic Detective Cap, that way Ryan Reynolds can always be in our hearts and in our storage.

Source: IGN


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