Trainers, the official Poké published an article today, following up on Niantic’s announcement of new Dragon and Flying Hoenn Pokémon coming tomorrow to Pokémon GO.

The article confirms two important things:

  • This is the last wave of Gen III Pokémon
  • There will be a raid boss and egg shake-up

Last wave of Gen III Pokémon

The final wave of Pokémon originally from the Hoenn region will begin to show up in Pokémon GO on February 9. Keep your eye peeled for iconic Pokémon like Salamence and Metagross! 

Raid boss and egg shake-up

Pokémon GO is also shuffling around which Pokémon will appear in Raid Battles, as well as the Pokémon you’ll discover inside Pokémon Eggs, to include more of the Pokémon that have been recently discovered. Keep battling and exploring for the chance to find different Pokémon than before.

Any guesses on what’s coming?