Pokemon don’t spawn at driving speeds anymore

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As observed this morning, Pokemon GO no longer displays or spawns nearby Pokemon while driving and commuting using the public transport. An outrage happened on reddit and social media, as a huge portion of the player base enjoyed catching Pokemon while commuting to school and work.

As per our estimates, if you’re moving above 25 mph (40 km/h), your Sightings screen will be completely empty and no Pokemon will spawn.

Currently, there are no workarounds for this limitation, as the change was introduced on the server side and any atempt to tamper with speed and GPS could result in a ban.

Niantic is silent… again

There still has been no explanation from Niantic on why this measure was introduced, and this has been one of the biggest issues for the player base. Why aren’t they communicating the changes in advance?

A reddit thread expressed the anger perfectly:

Niantic please learn your lesson and communicate. The new “No Pokemon spawn at driving speeds” issue needs some acknowledgement.

They need to make some comment – because if it’s deliberate – then the game is over for people not in the city and I can move on and be bitter about my 50 dollar dongle that no longer works.

If it’s an issue they’re fixing – a tweet is 140 characters and can fix so much anger and disappointment just to have the issue acknowledged. It also gives us some patience and understanding.

But if it’s going to be ignored like the three step bug – then they learnt no lesson about interacting with their user base and they need to be grilled.

Someone on here has to see this from Niantic. Just give us some acknowledgement. Please let me enjoy the game as I have been.”


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