Pokémon GO 0.81.1 APK Mine: 7 new moves, blacklist tweaks, Unity upgrade and background audio fix

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the GO Hub’s data mine of the latest 0.81.1 APK is complete! Code wise, a lot has changed, making this one of the bigger updates in the game’s lifetime.

The official release notes highlight only a few of the changes:

  • Resolved a bug that prevented Trainers from powering up Pokémon to their max CP.
  • Resolved a bug that caused Trainers’ contributions to reset when rejoining a Raid Battle.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

Although there were no “minor text fixes” in this release, we still managed to dig up some interesting info.

Seven new moves added

Hidden deep in the APK and not yet usable, visual effects for seven new moves were added in 0.81.1:

  • Doom Desire
  • Draco Meteor
  • Psycho Boost
  • Surf
  • Take Down (fast)
  • Waterfall (fast)
  • Yawn (fast)

This makes the first appearance of Generation III relevant moves in the APK, as these moves are signature moves for a number of Gen III Pokemon. Consider the following:

  • Doom Desire – Jirachi’s signature move
  • Draco Meteor – Rayquaza, Salamence
  • Psycho Boost – Deoxys signature move

These moves are not yet usable nor visible in the APK metadata file, but they do confirm that Gen III development is chugging along nicely.

Buddy distance is now a core Pokemon property

As the game evolves further, so do the Pokemon evolution requirements and conditions. A new property has been added on the Pokemon code definitions, dubbed KmBuddyDistanceRequirement

This was already in effect for Espeon and Umbreon evolution lines, but it’s support has been extended to all Pokemon species. We speculate that Gen III will have a few new species that require Buddy distance in order to evolve.


Unity update and background audio fix

Pokemon GO now uses Unity 2017.1. Although this does not guarantee performance improvements, it does guarantee several Unity related bug fixes.

One of those fixes is the background audio fix, which is now active and working. Finally, we can listen to music without interruptions and volume drops while playing.

We expect to see improved performance and less resource hogging in future APKs.

App blacklist tweaks

Niantic has released and tested a new security feature earlier this month, popularly titled “app blacklist”. In short, the game now loads a list of installed apps on your phone and refuses to work if it detects one of the blacklisted apps.

The following code was added/modified in this release, hinting at a more robust blacklist management:


Smaller changes

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