Pokemon GO Daily Quests feature discovered in the game metadata!

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Part 2 of research is here – new info on festival events.

We’ll be posting updates to this page: Daily Quests Rewards and Info.

We’ve datamined the hex code behind the 0.43.3 version of the global-metadata.dat dump. We have an exciting discovery to share: daily quests are coming to Pokemon GO and they look amazing!

We’ll start with with the TLDR version of the discovery and dive right into the code below:

  • Daily Quests are coming, with three types of Daily Quests
    • First Catch of The Day
    • First PokeStop of the Day
  • The network and protobuf support is already in the metadata, implying Niantic can turn on the feature any time they want
  • The rewards are not clear at this point, but the code references incubators

Let’s dive in!

New QuestType enumeration leaks

Head on, the collection of hardcoded values inside the metadata dump now shows a new entry:


We were monitoring this particular section of the metadata file closely for weeks already. It’s very exciting to see new additions here! Now, this sparked our curiosity a lot, so we went on to search through the file in more details.

DailyQuestProto handlers and triggers found

After seeing the new enumerations we were sure something is up, so we looked up the protocol buffer section of the metadata. Protocol buffers are a network protocol used by the game to communicate with Niantic servers.

There are a few new protobuf calls related to daily calls, hidden under name DailyQuestProto:


We cannot confirm yet, but it looks like the Daily Quest reward will be an incubator, or at least there is a chance you’ll get an incubator as a reward.

We are still working out other parts of the metadata dump file. Will report again when we have something new.


There are still quite a few changes were not discussing here for the sake of brevity. If you are interested in the full list of code changes, you can dump the file yourself and analyse it using HxD hex editor.

We hope this will be publicly revealed soon.

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