Pokemon GO Battery Drain
Pokemon GO Battery Drain

We’ve observed a significant increase in battery drain while playing with the new 0.45.0 version of the game on our Oneplus One device. Curious as we are, we reached out to reddit to ask if anyone else is observing the same thing and the results were astoundingly bad.

We tested out the new update four times, always using the same setup: 25% of screen brightness, no background apps running, no battery saver active. Overall, the battery drain is now significantly worse than it was pre update.

Approximately, the 0.45.0 update is draining battery life 30% faster than 0.43.0.


Increased battery drain confirmed by reports from reddit

After completing our test, we went back to check up on our reddit thread where we asked if anyone else got the same results.

A number of users reported that their battery life was indeed degrading more rapidly when playing, with most of reports claiming a whooping 30 – 40% increase in battery drain!

This is the reports we managed to collect:

  • OnePlus One results: battery down from 100% to 16% in 1:53 hours
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 results: battery down from 92% to 11% in 1:30 hours
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 results in line with our findings
  • iPhone 6s results in line with our findings

One user even experienced problems with his power bank, claiming that the phone battery was draining even though it was connected to an external power source:

“My portable battery used to very slowly bring back up my cellular battery life. Since the 0.45 update: Not all of the time, but sometimes the battery life actually drops while being charged on a fast charge battery.”

We are still looking into why is this happening, but there is strong indication that the recent security measures against third party scanners are the root cause of the drain.

Our reddit thread is still up, so feel free to comment and share your experience there or on our official Facebook page.