Pokemon GO Gifts Event: Shiny Bonsly and 30 Daily Gifts

Pokémon GO Gifts
Pokémon GO Gifts

A new Gift themed event is coming to Pokemon GO on August 5th, featuring a new shiny Bonsly, temporary increase in the number of Gifts you can open and carry in your inventory. The Pokemon GO Gifts Event starts this Monday, August 5, and lasts for two weeks, all the way through August 19th. During that period, Alolan eggs you get from gifts will require only 2 KM to hatch, you will be able to open 30 gifts daily, carry 20 gifts in your inventory, and, if you’re really lucky, hatch a shiny Bonsly.

Gifts Event

Gifts Event
Event Gifts Event
Date + Time START: August 5, 2019 1 PM PDT
END: August 19, 2019 1 PM PDT
  • All eggs received from gifts will only require 2 km to hatch!
  • The number of gifts you can open daily will increase to 30!
  • The number of gifts you can carry in your inventory will increase to 20!
  • If you’re lucky, you may hatch a Shiny Bonsly!

Niantic has shared a few notes clarifying some of the points for the Gifts event. Please be aware that these questions will be often asked in your community, so remember the answers and share them correctly with your local play group:

  • All Eggs received from Gifts during the event will require only 2 km to hatch and look like 2 km Eggs, but don’t worry, Trainers! The Pokémon that hatch from them will be ones that normally appear in 7 km Eggs, regardless of whether you incubate or hatch them during or after the event
  • If you have 20 Gifts in your inventory at the end of the event, they won’t go away, but you won’t be able to collect more. If you’re above the limit once the event ends, you can only send Gifts, so you will eventually go back down to the normal limit. This applies to any number of Gifts above the usual 10 Gifts limit.

Shiny Bonsly Family

If your Trainer name is Mystic7, this shiny release is a dream come true! Just kidding, we know quite a few people who will be extremely excited to hatch a shiny Bonsly from eggs. Especially if those eggs are 2 km eggs that can be hatched in less than an hour! Of course, this also means that shiny Sudowoodo is coming as well!

Normal Version Shiny Version
normal bonsly shiny bonsly
normal sudowoodo normal sudowoodo

Being a pure Rock type, Sudowoodo spawns are boosted by Partly Cloudy weather, but as with most shiny babies, Shiny Sudowoodo will most likely not be found in the wild and will have to be evolved. In the case of Bonsly, you will have to walk it as your buddy for 15 km before evolving. We have no data on the odds of hatching a shiny baby from a Poke Egg.

Gifts, Gifts, and MORE Gifts!

Whether you are trying to increase your chances of finding a Shiny Bonsly, achieve your gold Breeder Badge, increase friendships, or stock up on much needed items, you are now being given the opportunity to do so!

With this event comes an increase in the amount of gifts you can send, as well as the amount of gifts you can hold in your inventory. That’s right, GIFT INCREASES!!
But, it’s important to remember, these increase are only temporary!

During the event you will be able to:

  • Open 30 gifts daily.
  • Hold 20 gifts in your Inventory.

Once the event is over, it will return to the original 20/10 amounts.


  • Increased gift opening and gift inventory
  • Pokémon normally found in 7km Eggs now in 2km Eggs
  • Shiny Bonsly
  • August 5th – 19th