we’ve just rolled out a rather significant update to our database site! Internally called Gremlin, this update brings the new weather boost effects to our Pokémon GO database site, with some additional UI optimizations.

This is how the new update looks like, in a nutshell:

Each Pokémon profile (example) was updated to show the following:

  • Weather conditions that boosts it’s spawns
    • If multiple weather conditions can boost it, both are displayed
    • We’re using text and icons
  • Raid Boss Combat Power for each Tier of raiding
    • now that the formula for Boss CP for every tier is complete, we are able to accurately calculate each Pokémon’s Raid Boss CP if it were a raid boss in a particular Tier. Ever wanted to see how much CP would a Tier 5 Magikarp boss have? Now you can!
  • Combat Power of a perfect IV catch, both in the wild and as a raid boss, both normal and weather boosted. We got a ton of requests to do this and here it is.
    • Lvl 20, Lvl 25 for Raid CP (normal, weather)
    • Lvl 30, Lvl 35 for wild CP (normal, weather)
  • Comment it out!
    • You can now comment on each Pokémon’s profile page

But this is not all — more is in the works for the DB site! We are developing our own simulation engine, it’s chugging along nicely, but it’s not yet ready to public. We decided to scrap the old simulator as it was too naive and are working on including the new one with one of the future releases of the DB site.

We’re not sure, but we expect it to land sometimes later this month.

You can check out all of the changes here: Pokémon GO Database by GO Hub. If you’re an existing user, make sure to clear your cache, otherwise you’ll run into problems!