Pokémon Go July Community Day: Squirtle, 1/4 Egg Hatch Distance

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Trainers, Niantic has just announced that Pokémon GO’s July Community Day will feature Squirtle, the Generation 1 Water type starter “Tiny Turtle Pokémon”! The seventh installment of Pokémon GO’s Community Day event series takes place on July 8th, 2018.

For our more visual Trainers, here we have a table that illustrates the bonuses for this next Community Day!


Similar to previous Community Day announcements, the exclusive move is not yet known and it is confirmed to only be accessible by evolving a Squirtle to a Blastoise or by catching a Blastoise. Even though this is the case, we can expect Hydro Cannon to be the CDEM for Blastoise, as it has been found in our recent Pokemon GO 0.107.1 APK tear down: trading, new badges, Hydro Cannon, new loading screen, player reputation and more and fits well with being its Signature move in the main series games.

Just as we saw on Mareep’s Community Day, this one will feature a 1/4th egg hatching distance. Remember trainers, this was sprung on us last time, but this time we will be prepared, any egg put in an incubator before the event starts will NOT receive the bonus!

As far as Shiny Variations go, we already have their models in-game and given the pattern of releasing a Shiny family per Community Day event, we are certain that Trainers will be happy to catch and evolve their Shiny Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise. We would be very surprised if this event did not feature a the Shiny Squirtle family, especially given how interesting the Shiny Squirtle family is:


The event also features the usual Community Day perk: three hour long lure modules!

Don’t be alarmed if you aren’t sure which Squirtle is Shiny or not, because there are two distinct features that make it apparent, the more obvious one is its green shell, however if you do not want to wait for it to move, you can look for a pale Squirtle, it may not be apparant here, but comparing it to the current in-game model, the paleness of it is very easy to spot.

Squirtle Squad or riot

You all know that we love to have fun at the Hub, right? Well, this time around, we want to try and influence Niantic into releasing a special version of Squirtle: the Squirtle Squad form!

You can help us out by tweeting, posting on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag: #SquirtleSquadOrRiot. This is not a formal marketing action on our end, but we’ll be tweeting it out – a lot!

June Results Announced

Niantic has also shared the team based results of the previous community day, and it appears that the teams had almost equal reign over the world, but when it comes to the most activity during the event, Mystic came out first, Valor second, and Instinct third. We can definitely see a huge difference from the first Community Day, and all the teams are beginning to make a large appearance all over the map!! Below is a picture of the map from the Pokemon Go Live Blog:

That’s it for now! We will be covering more on Community Day and Hydro Cannon as a potential move when there is more news! Happy hunting everyone!

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