Pokémon GO Park event is live: shiny Pikachu family, new raids and a whole lot of Mr. Mimes and Unowns

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The Pokémon GO Park event is live in Yokohama (Japan), featuring a ton of content for Pokémon GO and Pokémon fans.

Let’s cut to the chase: shiny Pikachu is spawning in Yokohama, but there is no indication that it is spawning anywhere else in the world!

In addition, a lot of interesting things is currently happening at the event, such as special Raids that feature new Raid bosses, but we’ll cover those later.

Shiny Pikachu caught in Yokohama

One of our readers, Sharla (star of Sharmander Youtube channel), sent in a couple of images showing her recent catches, including a female shiny Pikachu. Big shoutout to Sharla for sharing the images!

New Raids — exclusive for the Pokémon GO Park event

Four new Raid Bosses have been introduced for the Park event, featuring popular Generation II Pokémon:

  • Wobbuffet, Boss CP 7144
  • Piloswine, Boss CP 21604
  • Houndoom, Boss CP 27302
  • Ursaring, Boss CP 27409

All of the bosses are marked as Tier 4 bosses.


Youtubers attending Japanese and European events

If you’re looking for exclusive videos from Japan and Europe in the weeks to come, a few Pokémon GO Youtubers have made public plans to attend the regional events.

We recommend the following Youtube channels:

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