Pokemon GO Special trading event is live, featuring 25% reduced trading cost and extra candy

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Trainers, this is not a drill – it’s time to trade! Pokemon GO’s official social accounts have just announced that a special trading event is live, lasting until August 19 at 9:00 P.M. PDT.

The event features the following bonuses:

  • 25% reduced trading costs with everyone, including brand new friends
  • Additional candy for any trade – the official post mentions up to 6 candy while trading – and anecdotal evidence suggests it’s +3 Candy on every performed trade
  • New Pokedex entries reward 3x the usual XP and this naturally stacks with Lucky Egg

The event serves as a promotion for the recently announced Lucky Pokemon feature, plus a promotion for trading itself. Niantic has been bullish about promoting trading, and this event is no exception to the rule.

Here’s what we know about Lucky Pokemon so far:

  • They are guaranteed to have at least 10 / 10 / 10 IV values, given that the trade took place after the infamous IV bug was fixed (all trades should be safe now)
  • Your chances to get a Lucky Pokemon increase with the age of the Pokemon that are being traded
  • As of the time of writing this article, we can’t confirm that there is a link between both Pokemon age. Evidence suggests that only the older Pokemon is taken into account, but this needs more research

Parting words

Niantic has never been as bullish about a feature as they are about trading. For some reason, they really want the player base to care about trading and increasing friendship levels with their real world companions.

Like we said, this event is no exception – up to 6 Candy from trade is just insane, even for Pokemon that you usually don’t care about. Get your Eevees, your Machamps and your trash IV Larvitars ready – it’s time to trade!

Also, though there are new event boxes, they are trash in terms of content. Down with starpieces and super incubators!! If there is anything at all worth saying about them, we will have a box analysis later, but do not hold your breath.

P.S. We have no confirmation that Lucky odds are increased during the event. We hope they are tho.

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