Pokémon GO to be featured in Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown

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Pokémon GO will be a part of the Twitch Rivals live stream event on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. PDT (GMT −7). The Twitch Rivals is a special streaming event where streamers compete in more or less everything they can compete in.

The Pokémon GO competition will be held in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Catch—Teams will have one hour to catch as many Pokémon as possible to create their battle parties. Participants will use brand-new accounts with unique gameplay settings, and they’ll need to strategize and collaborate with their teammates.
  • Phase 2: Battle—Teams will battle with the Pokémon they caught in a round-robin tournament! Specific rules will be in place to add a new level of depth and strategy.

Tune in to the Twitch Rivals stream on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. PDT (GMT −7) to watch high-profile streamers team up and duke it out in a catch-and-battle event for prizes! In this format, Trainers will battle with Pokémon they catch during the event.

About Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown ft. Pokemon GO, presented by Samsung


18 creators will compete in a pro-am event – 6 pros, and 12 variety/casual creators, and will form teams of 3 with 1 pro and 2 creators on each “gym” team. These teams will each have 1 hour to collect a team of Pokemon for each creator to engage in a trainer battle at the end of the preparation phase. Pokemon must be gathered on a fresh account, and can not be traded with other players

Detailed Tournament Format

  • Capture phase
    • Creators will be provided a fresh account by Niantic with only starter items
    • Creators will have a 1 hour timer to capture new Pokemon in the wild
    • Creators may train up Pokemon using what they find but may not trade Pokemon with non-teammates or purchase items
  • Preparation phase
    • Creators will no longer be allowed to catch Pokemon
    • Creators may train up Pokemon and set up their lineups to be presented at the end of the preparation phase
    • Teams of 6 Pokemon will be submitted by each teammate at the end of the preparation phase – these Pokemon do NOT need to actually be owned, as creators may bluff which Pokemon they own. A “bluffed” Pokemon may be presented in the lineup but can never actually be used during battle
  • Battle phase
    • Teams will play in a Round Robin bracket with other competing teams in their “circuit” – which is effectively a group of like-skilled competitors
      • 3 circuits: Pro, Amateur 1, and Amateur 2
      • Each of the 3 members of each gym is assigned to a separate circuit as appropriate
        • Each circuit will thus have 6 players in it, 1 from each gym
      • Bo3, Round Robin play within the groups, with each creator choosing 3 Pokemon from their lineup to send out in each game
        • Pokemon may change from game to game within a single Round Robin Bo3, but all must come from the lineup that player submitted
    • Team with the best overall score across 3 RR groups wins the event
  • Additional battle phase rules:
    • Matches are played in Great League: only Pokemon up to 1500 CP are permitted.
    • Players will be able to choose a roster of 6 for the entire round robin – i.e., no changing 6 Pokemon after the team is declared
      • As only 3 Pokemon are used in a given match, the other 3 may be considered “on the bench”
    • Teams can only draft a Pokémon (and its evolution line) once between the 3 team members.
      • Ex: For Team 1 – Player 1 plans to use Bulbasaur in their roster. Team 1 – Player 2/Player 3 cannot use Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, or Venusaur in their roster.
    • No Pokémon from Trades allowed.
    • No Shadow Pokémon allowed.

Scoring and Overall Standings

Overall team finish is based on results from all 3 Round Robin “circuits”. Final standings are based on total combined match wins.


  1. Overall game win %
  2. Head-to-head match W/L record across 3 circuits


Placement Team Per Player
1st $6,400 $2,133
2nd $4,800 $1,600
3rd $3,900 $1,300
4th $3,600 $1,200
5th $3,300 $1,100
6th $3,000 $1000

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