Pokémon Legends: Arceus new gameplay trailer looks awesome

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Nintendo shared a new gameplay trailer for Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and it’s a wild one. The trailer lasts for little over 13 minutes, which makes it quite lengthy to watch, but the gameplay looks amazing.

Our thoughts on the Trailer

A lot has been said about the Legends: Arceus graphics, but we don’t find them to be that bad as people make them out to be. The textures and lighting could definitely be improved (some Pokémon looks terrible honestly), and there are better looking games on the Nintendo Switch, but the art style is very pleasant and enjoyable.

Gameplay wise, we love it. Game Freak is going out and about to showcase a wide variety of different systems, most of them working at the same time.

Pokémon look more life-like, they behave differently, interact with the environment, eat Berries (Snap vibes), and they will even attack you if they are aggressive. From what we’ve seen, this helps establish you as an explorer – rather than a wannabe-Champion – in a wild region.

The Hisui region itself looks good, rough and harsh as it should. Legends: Arceus story is centered around the idea that we haven’t domesticated Pokémon yet, and thus the region itself is quite more dangerous than previous games’ regions.


As we already mentioned, the art style is great, and it carries over to all in-game UI elements: overworld map, PokéDex, menus, on-screen controls, etc. Legends: Arceus looks and feels like someone drew on parchment paper and we love it.

The music sounds familiar, yet fresh, and the entire game feels dynamic and fast. The only thing we don’t really like is the – sometimes – washed out color palette.

Alpha Pokémon also look good. These remind us heavily of rare encounters in the Sword and Shield’s Wild Area, but we’ll need to play Legends: Arceus to confirm if it’s the same thing.


Noble Pokémon look like mini-boss encounters, potentially Gym battle replacements? We are not sure, but Kleavor is the first confirmed Noble Pokémon. We know that Noble Pokémon have a gold overlay and that they are quite difficult to defeat.

We’ll have to wait until January 28th to see if the game holds up to expectations, but for now, this looks like the real deal. There’s a lot of systems – including crafting, clothing and dodging – that have the potential to shake up the dormant Pokémon game formula.

We’ll see. Carefully optimistic.

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