Pokemon Masters is available worldwide, if you can get in…

Trainers, Pokemon Masters is now available for Android and iOS worldwide! Pokemon Masters brings back iconic Trainers from each generation of games, such as Cynthia, Brock, Misty, etc. The game doesn’t feature any “energy” mechanics, which means you can play as much as you want, but it’s filled with gacha-esque monetization mechanics, which can be off putting to some. We don’t have a problem with it, especially because you can play for free and actually progress at a reasonable pace.

That is, if you can enter the game.

It turns out that Pokemon Masters is so popular that the servers have crashed almost immediately upon launch, with the problems persisting even now. In a typical internet fashion, players have turned to meming instead of raging, giving birth to a handful of great puns and memes:

Suffice to say, Masters is shaping up to be a popular game with an interesting gimmick mechanic (Sync Pairs), but our only concern is how DeNa will handle monetization down the line. Let’s just say that the company doesn’t have the best reputation for keeping money in their players’ pockets. Indeed, it seems that it has already started shaking down players as evolution costs have skyrocketed at launch day (great reddit post):

The fact that a launch celebration turns out to be full p2w makes me sick and wonder how they’re going to treat their playerbase. Its LAUNCH day, one of the most important days in a game, let’s not forget that, and they are being really greedy nevertheless. That’s just my opinion though, would like to hear yours too!

We honestly feel like this game doesn’t need a heavy layer of monetization, as the core mechanic is good enough to keep us engaged and roaming Pasio for a long long time. Hopefully, DeNa will be able to stay cool and provide a viable playing experience for free to play Trainers.

Still, we recommend you try masters regardless of the monetization policy. It’s a fun game that you didn’t know you wanted to play.

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