As previously reported to us via Facebook, PokeStops no longer work while driving. Any attempt to spin a PokeStop while driving results in a “Please try again” warning to the player.

This comes as no surprise, especially after multiple Pokemon GO driving incidents that happened in the last week or two. You may be angry, we are also, but it’s for the better – we don’t need more people getting hurt by a number of incompetent Trainers / drivers.

PokeStops now reward 6+ items

On the flip side, it turns out PokeStops are dropping 6+ items now, no matter if it’s a daily bonus or not. Reports are flooding in on reddit that players are experiencing increased drops worldwide.


It’s very likely that Niantic realised the dangers of removing PokeStop interaction while driving and decided to encourage players to farm more Stops while walking. It’s a welcomed change, as a number of players was driving only to spin PokeStops.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the players posted on reddit:

Gym prestiging has changed again

You are now able to take down rival gyms a lot easier, as new Prestige rewards are in place. Here’s what changed:

  • Rival gym prestige loss: 1000 per defender, 1000 extra for the gym leader (was 500/1500).
  • Friendly gym prestige gain: with R=CP_defender/CP_attacker: 250R for R>1 (capped at 500), 125 for R<1 (lower cap 50). Half the old values!

Here are some of the results from this change:

  • Destroying a level 10 gym is incredibly quick now. Only 20~30 min depending of the strength of the gym. Of course, far less potions to use.
  • No point trying to build gyms now. It’s bound to be destroyed so fast it would be a waste of time.
  • Dumping trash pokemon is getting popular too since defending is pointless.
  • People are already shifting defenders from Dragonite to Snorlax. Power creep doesn’t make any sense now. At best you can hope to waste the attacker’s time, but he’s going to win anyway.

Overall, an interesting and eventful day.

Source for the article cover is a video by the incredible Trainer Tips: