Players find a way to get new Pokéstops
Players find a way to get new Pokéstops

Burbank, California – Ingress agents are playing a tabletop RPE at a special post-anomaly event, searching for a protagonist in the recent Ingress story line – Misty Hannah.

Once the first team beats the game, a lady role-playing as Misty Hannah appears, wearing a funky outfit and a wizard’s hat, narrating the next part of the story line.

While Hannah is telling the story, at 2:15 she shares the following line directly referencing portal submissions: “Very soon, your scanners will be able to submit portals, to this giant shared mind palace of ours.”


Following the success of OPR and the rapid exhaustion of the portal submission backlog, Niantic is ready to bring back portal submissions! No date has been announced so far, but very soon probably means in 2017, not in 2018.

We are very excited for this move, as Niantic has been creating PokeStops by importing the Ingress data set and building on top of it.

The reopening of Ingress portal submissions could be a key step in improving Pokemon GO’s rural game play, especially if the level requirement for portal submissions stays low.

In order to submit Portal Requests you need to be at least Level 8 in Ingress, which is not a difficult task. Or as Antonio said: I, For One, Welcome Our New Ingress Overlords.

Event background

A redditor named MuMuMusings1331 wrote a quick explanation of the event:

“There was a special event in Burbank, CA. Agents on site played a special tabletop RPG directly taking place after the events of the Anomalies on the 26th of August, in which Misty Hannah disappeared after the Enlightened victory into a ‘mind palace’, a dimension built by her subconscious mind. Agents there were tasked with finding her.

They succeeded and as a result, freed her from the palace and allowed her to appear in person at the event.”