Promo codes added to the store!

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we have some breaking news to share! It seems Niantic is actively testing Promotional codes we data mined before.

UPDATE: We created a subsection for promo codes on the Hub. Bookmark it, we’ll be updating it with promo codes as they come out.

We have reports that Android users have observed a new Promo code section in the store!

This comes as little surprise, as we’re expecting an update to come this week, and the current testing could be a sign of update preparations in progress.

Here’s how the feature looks for us, we have no promo codes to share:

We first encountered redeemable codes in our 0.59.1 data mine, detailing how redeemable codes are written. We also know what redeemable codes can reward: Items, Avatar Swag, Candy, Stardust and PokéCoins.

With 0.61.0 we learned a few new things:

  • redeemable codes are tested and ready to release!
  • codes are redeemed via the in game shop
  • there are two or more types of redeemable codes (promotional, etc)

Have you figured out any codes yet?

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