Reports indicate that Evolution Item drop rates were increased

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According to a growing number of reports on reddit and our official Twitter page, a lot of trainers received three evolution items on their 7th day, with some reporting the same increase on random PokéStop spins.

We’ve pulled the latest GAME_MASTER file from our device and it shows the file was updated on May 09, indicating a new server side build went live on Niantic’s servers!

The timestamp of the new build is Tuesday May 09, 2017 03:00:34 (am, UTC)!

According to our research and the change in the GAME_MASTER file, the reports are correct. This change was applied a few hours ago, probably end of workday in Niantic’s San Francisco office.

What is the GAME_MASTER file?

The GAME_MASTER (GM in the rest of the article) is a configuration file for Pokémon GO. It’s downloaded from the Pokémon GO servers and saved onto your Android or iPhone device.

Previous research

Previously, our research showed that Evolution Items have a 0.03% chance of dropping per PokéStop spin. It seems that these chances are no longer relevant, as the increase in drop rates (if permanent) is significant enough to invalidate that research.

This is how item drops looked like before this change:

% of Drops
Balls 15324 64.66%
Pokéball 11462 48.36%
Greatball 3302 13.93%
Ultraball 560 2.36%
Potions 3744 15.80%
Potion 2321 9.79%
Super Potion 968 4.08%
Hyper Potion 388 1.64%
Max Potion 67 0.28%
Berries 3395 14.32%
Razz Berry 1810 7.64%
Nanab Berry 833 3.51%
Pinap Berry 752 3.17%
Evolution items 33 0.14%
Sun Stone 8 0.03%
King’s Rock 6 0.03%
Dragon Scale 4 0.02%
Upgrade 6 0.03%
Metal Coat 9 0.04%
Other 1205 5.08%
Revive 935 3.94%
Max Revive 74 0.31%
(not correct % due to egg cap!!)
196 0.83%

We will be collecting data to figure out the drop rates soon, so stay tuned.

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