over the period of the past two weeks a research was conducted with the hope to make finding Pokémon from Sightings tab easier. Today, we’re proud to announce that our research is complete and proved successful!

Our research proved that you can find Pokémon using just the Ingress map of your nearby area and that the majority of the current spawns is still based on Ingress data. Pokémon spawn on the same places like XM spawns in Ingress, meaning that you can exactly know where a spawn has occurred.

You can read and learn how to use this discovery here!

More information

We are very exciting to share this news, as the Sightings tab was a major pain point for a lot of players worldwide. It’s comforting to see that there is a way on how to use it with ease and confidence that you will get that Pokémon that appeared on Sightings.

Our research is now two weeks complete, we are confident in the correlation we found and we’re looking for more info if you have to share.