Rotom possibly teased in a mysterious tweet by Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO official Twitter account has shared a peculiar tweet roughly an hour ago, hinting that Professor Willow’s computer may have been compromised! Maybe it’s too early, we think this is a clear hint for Rotom’s release in Pokemon GO. Here’s the tweet in question:

“Professor Willow has reported that he has uncovered a suspicious folder hidden on his computer. It looks to be corrupted. We’ll keep you updated, Trainers. It could be nothing…but you never know.” – Link to tweet

Rotom is known to inhabit house appliances and various technology related items, which means computers are not out of its reach as well. Rotom is known for its mischievous activities and we guess Willow’s folder was… slightly compromised.


There are six different forms of Rotom present in the game data currently:

  • Normal Rotom (???)
  • Fan Rotom
  • Frost Rotom
  • Heat Rotom
  • Mow Rotom
  • Wash Rotom

Most of them share a mix of Electric moves and moves of a type that matches the form’s role / appliance which was possessed by Rotom. Rotom possessed a Pokedex in Sun and Moon, becoming the Rotom Pokedex, aka Rotomdex.

P.S. We don’t think there’s anything sketchy in that folder Trainer Tips:

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