Safari Zone August events postponed, but other regional Pokemon will appear in Europe

Pokémon GO Safari Zone
Pokémon GO Safari Zone


Niantic has just published a blog post titled An update on the upcoming Pokémon GO Safari Zone Events in Europe, announcing that the Safari Zone events in August will be postponed.

These include the following:

  • August 5, Copenhagen and Prague
  • August 12, Stockholm and Amsterdam

Both events are pushed to a later date in Fall (September onward probably). The official reason for the delays is this:

“We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you understand that our priority is to ensure a great experience for Pokémon GO Trainers in Europe and around the world”.

However, this doesn’t mean European players are being left out! As a form of good will compensation, Niantic will be releasing “some Pokémon that are rarely seen in Europe will be appearing soon in certain European cities for a brief time.”

In other words, regional Pokemon who are not native to Europe will become available soon, probably around August 5 in select cities which include all of the cities where events were rescheduled.

The Help Center QA section says the following:

While the event is postponed – as a special surprise to players in the area – some rarely seen Pokémon will still appear in certain European cities for a brief time.

Mr. Mime, get ready for some company!

The official Help Center was also updated with a series of questions and answers in regards to the Safari Zone:

  • There are no dates for the rescheduled events
  • Only the August events are rescheduled
  • No refunds will be available for arrangements people may have made (Airbnb, flight tickets, etc)

All in all, we thinks this move is good and transparent. It’s better to wait a little bit more, than to have a bad event experience!

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