Shiny Duskull has been released and new spawn points added!

Shiny Duskull Pokemon GO
Shiny Duskull Pokemon GO


we’ve just received word that a new Shiny Form has been released! Shiny Duskull is now appearing in the wild, side by side with the Shiny Sableye form released at the beginning of the Pokémon GO Halloween 2017 Event!

The following video, uploaded by Devreugkx offers video confirmation of the form:

And this is how a Shiny Sableye looks like in game, kudos to Darren and many others who sent their screenshots to us:

But that’s not all, as reports are coming in that new spawn points have been added, roughly at the same time as the Shiny Duskull went live. It’s not clear whether the number of actual spawn points/locations has been increased or the spawn algorithm has changed.

In any case, the amount of raw Pokemon that spawn has been increased substantially in affected areas. We’re not sure what biomes these areas cover.

What is the chance to get a Shiny Duskull?

Although data is still coming in, it seems that the chance to catch a Shiny Duskull is the same as the chance to catch a Shiny Sableye – 1 in 256 encounters. This is yet to be fully confirmed, but aggregated numbers of normal and Shiny Sableye occurrences were strongly indicative that the Shiny chance is in fact 1 in 256.

We’ve worked with a number of volunteers over the past 3 days of large, collecting a fairly large data set which was later on analysed and data mined.

In general, it should be fairly easy to get a Shiny Duskull, especially with the increased spawns and its common appearance during the Halloween event. In any case, make sure to catch one during the event (ends on November 1st), as their numbers will reduce afterwards.

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